Who We Are

For as long as Talon has existed, it has been about one thing: Dreams. While it began its daring venture into the uncertain waters of 3D design in 2005, our story began much earlier. Our founders were one of the first companies to bring software into the state of Goa back in 1988, when an electrical box that you could program was a stone’s throw beyond magic.

While change is never easy, we braved the storms of resistance, building software packages for banks, hotels and smaller, more visionary businesses, nurturing our vision, nurturing it until it blossomed eventually into Talon Enterprises. The name itself embodies our most heartfelt connection to our vision for the future, one that soars higher than any eagle.

We believe that life is far too short to dream small. We believe that your reach should always exceed your grasp, no matter the path you choose. We believe in integrity of character above all else.

Our promise to you is not one coming from the high chair of a distant CEO that views people as statistics, but rather as a partner that can help you grow your business, empower your brand or simply help you stand out in this crazy world.

Our promise is simple: No dream or dreamer is too small. If you can imagine it, we can build it.